Everyone should experience a Harvest Baptist

welcome, and we pray that God will use us to make a wonderful difference in your life.

Harvest Baptist Church is a Church that cares for People-all kinds of people, from all walks of life. We have seen the need today for a Spirit-filled church to rise up and focus on loving people. People who have eternal souls. People who have often have hearts full of doubt and confusion: especially about Loving God and a Living Word.

We are an independent church in character, in that we are not governed by a denominational body, but rather by the dictates of God’s Word. We are a friendly church. You will enjoy the hearty welcome, the friendly atmosphere and the sincere interest shown in you. We are a family church, with an active, age-graded fellowship group for every member of your family. We are a missionary church in that we contribute faithfully to worldwide missions. We are an educational church, where we maintain a competent and qualified staff of teachers and officers to meet your family’s needs. We are a growing church, evangelistic in doctrine and practice, we enjoy a constant increase both in our Sunday School and regular church services. Join us in worship and experience God’s blessings to the fullness.